There will be a Star Trek Online Giveaway on DogGodFrogLog’s Stream Sunday, Oct 2 2016. 

The stream will begin at 11 A.M. and run until 11 P.M. or until all prizes have been awarded

The prizes will be handed out randomly over the course of the stream.

List of Prizes –

Starfleet Pack (Federation) Content:

  • Delta Flyer and Pet!
  • NX-class Explorer
  • Rhode Island-class Science Vessel
  • Excelsior-class Cruiser
  • Sao Paulo-class Escort
  • Valiant-class Escort
  • Jupiter Uniform
  • 7 of 9 Uniform
  • Liberated Borg Human Bridge Officer
  • Sehlet Cub Pet
  • Unique Character Titles

Legacy Pack (Romulan) Content:

  • Scorpion Fighter and Pet!
  • T’varo-class Light Warbird
  • Dhael-class Warbird
  • Valdore-class Warbird
  • D’ridthau-class Warbird
  • Malem-class Light Warbird
  • TOS Uniforms
  • Nemesis Uniforms
  • Liberated Borg Reman Bridge Officer
  • Sehlet Cub Pet
  • Unique Character Titles

Empire Pack (KDF) Content:

  • To’Duj Fighter and Pet!
  • B’rolth-class Bird of Prey
  • Qaw’Dun-class Bird of Prey
  • Koro’t’inga-class Battlecruiser
  • Puyjaq-class Raptor
  • Negh’Tev-class Battlecruiser
  • Academy Uniforms
  • Mercenary Costumes
  • Liberated Borg Klingon Bridge Officer
  • Sehlet Cub Pet
  • Unique Character Titles

Each of these packs are faction-specific. You must create a Federation character to redeem the Starfleet Pack, Romulan character to redeem the Legacy Pack and KDF character to redeem the Empire Pack.

*Codes expire within the year and are consumed upon redemption.

*Please note that these codes are only available to PS4 players in North America.

Redemption Instructions:

  1. Open a Sony Network Entertainment account on PSN (or use your existing Sony Entertainment Network account).
  2. Select the PlayStation®Store icon on the PS4™ system home screen.
  3. On PlayStation®Store, select ‘Redeem Codes’ at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Enter the code.
  5. Once the code has been entered correctly, select ‘Continue’ on the dialog box.
  6. Select ‘Continue’ to complete code redemption.
  7. Launch Star Trek Online and visit the C-Store in-game.
  8. Rewards can be found on the tabs marked “Promotions.”


PC Prizes

  • 1 – NX Class Light Escort
  • 1 – Tabby Cat
  • 1 – Peregrine Attack Fighter

I truly appreciate everyone who has tuned in as we have trekked our way through the galaxy. It has been a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed learning about the Star Trek Universe. Make sure to stop by and have a good time!

  • Once you’ve got your bearings the first thing you want to do is go through the menus and find the share icons that give gems. You can get the gems just by opening the link, you don’t need to actually post anything. This should give you at least 30.
  • If you’re buying any of the IAP the best deals would be the starter pack and monthly gems
  • Add as many friends to your friends list as you can. They give rewards daily!
  • Join a clan to receive up to 30,000 gold each day!
  • Consecutive Missions can give a lot of great rewards. See what’s available!
  • If you have the patience save every crystal/gem until you have enough for a spending event. Game of Dice gives out a lot of free gems and getting to 500 gems for a bonus 300-500 gems is really nice. Sometimes they give out 5* and other goodies instead.
  • In order of importance this is what you should grind for; Any level 3 dice, Decent skill cards, 4*+ character. After that fill in weakest areas.

It’s pretty easy to get a couple matches under your belt and some money in your wallet. If you make it through every step you are well on your way to master level. Sometimes they have events where you can win 100$ cash paypal for 10 consecutive wins. It’s a pretty sweet kickback for playing an app. Good luck out there!

Game of Dice – Secret Messages and Free Codes

Game of Dice - Secret Messages and Codes

Secret Messages can be typed into chat for hidden rewards and free gems. Make sure that you spell them correctly and capitalization matters. There is no level requirement or special tricks for these. Enjoy!

Hidden Messages

  • Dr.X
  • Game of Dice
  • Trick or Treat
  • Genius League
  • Suspicious Man
  • Golden Ox

Free codes

  • GameOfDice

Other codes can be found during events at the official forum.

I will add more codes here as I become aware of them.


Galactic War Tips and Strategy

galactic war

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has a survival or endurance mode called Galactic War. The holotable for Galactic War unlocks at level 40. Players will start on the left side of the screen with the first 3 chests shown. The opponent for each match is decided by your power level and the difficulty tier of each battle. The silver chests are the easiest, the purple are the hardest, and after every purple chests the enemy’s overall power level increases. Most of your opponents tend to have chewbacca or Dooku, especially in the early levels. Don’t be surprised to see several 4* characters as you progress through the stages. Take your time and work through each battle carefully and this should be some easy rewards.

Galactic War is a really cool endurance/survival mode that ensures that your extra characters are still pretty useful. While tough, the key to completing Galactic War is using your healers wisely and sparingly. A team of 3 healers can take out most of the map but if their cooldowns aren’t reset for the final 3 battles don’t be surprised to wipe out. There is no guarantee that the enemies will be near your level, only that they will be near your power. This also doesn’t take into account the enemy team’s synergy. It is possible to come across some truly tough foes. If any of your characters die, they will be unusable until the next Galactic War. Any damage suffered or cooldowns used will remain after every fight. However, this also works in your favor.  Enemy teams will follow the same rules. Try using a shock team to soften up a tough foe when you need to heal before going in blasters blazing!

War Shipments

Galactic War Shipments

As you battle through the Galactic War levels you will begin to earn War Tokens which can be redeemed for another set of unique shipments. You may be wondering which shipments to purchase from the Galactic War shipments section on the bottom right. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many great characters in here. Luminara would be the best to go for at first as she will be a powerful asset in PvE and possibly PvP depending on your current team composition. Most of the other shipments are fillers for type specific teams and should be taken at your best judgement. Remember that the rewards here also reset every 6 hours which means you can possibly get 15 of whichever shard every day.

War Shipments2