Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – Challenges


Challenges are daily missions that you can take on a couple times each depending on the mission. Sometimes they’ll have special requirements like the STR gear challenge which only lets you use characters with the attacker trait. These are pretty easy and drop a lot of useful items like training droids and rare equipment. Listed below are what challenges I have seen and when they have occured.

Str Gear Challenge – Attackers Only – Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Agi Gear Challenge – Healers/Support Only – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Bounty Hunter Challenge – Earn Mining Droids (Big Credits!) – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Ability Mats Challenge – Earn items for special abilities – Saturday, Sunday

Int Gear Challenge – Tanks Only – Saturday, Sunday

Training Droid Challenge – Earn XP Quickly! – Saturday, Sunday, Monday


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