• Once you’ve got your bearings the first thing you want to do is go through the menus and find the share icons that give gems. You can get the gems just by opening the link, you don’t need to actually post anything. This should give you at least 30.
  • If you’re buying any of the IAP the best deals would be the starter pack and monthly gems
  • Add as many friends to your friends list as you can. They give rewards daily!
  • Join a clan to receive up to 30,000 gold each day!
  • Consecutive Missions can give a lot of great rewards. See what’s available!
  • If you have the patience save every crystal/gem until you have enough for a spending event. Game of Dice gives out a lot of free gems and getting to 500 gems for a bonus 300-500 gems is really nice. Sometimes they give out 5* and other goodies instead.
  • In order of importance this is what you should grind for; Any level 3 dice, Decent skill cards, 4*+ character. After that fill in weakest areas.

It’s pretty easy to get a couple matches under your belt and some money in your wallet. If you make it through every step you are well on your way to master level. Sometimes they have events where you can win 100$ cash paypal for 10 consecutive wins. It’s a pretty sweet kickback for playing an app. Good luck out there!


DogGodFrogLog has been turning cards sideways since he has been old enough to hold a controller. Devouring SNES games on flea market floors now he is here to share a couple moments of gaming with you and loving every minute of it.