This area is pretty straight forward and makes up the bulk of each player’s day. After selecting a faction to play through players will make the best team out of each respective side and battle through each level to unlock different equipment and character shards. The nice thing about Galaxy of Heroes is that the experience isn’t different across levels. 1 stamina = 1 xp. This lets you focus on leveling or acquiring what you want without getting behind other players. The hard missions, as seen above, have a chance to drop 1 character shard for their respective character and can be challenged 3 times a day without spending shards. These missions will cost 12 stamina each instead of the normal 6. They are also fairy tough compared to their normal counterparts. I don’t find it really worth it to refresh the challenges for the hard missions unless you are 1 shard off. You can miss on all 3 tries.


Plan out your daily stamina usage carefully. Stamina can be refilled at first for 50 gems which is a solid purchase to get some much needed experience. It will also come with 20 sims players can use to skip the hassle of farming some of the equipment they need. 2 Stamina refills each day seems to be the minimum to stay near the top in ladder. Hard missions are best done first each day to unlock characters as they can take quite a while to unlock depending on a player’s luck at getting character shards. After that, focus on the levels that have gear relevant to your characters. Training droids come with about every mission so don’t worry about getting too many. This isn’t the best place to farm credits unfortunately.Check out the daily challenges if you’re low on credits.


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