Rerolling is starting a new account on a game, in this case Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, several times to participate in a random lottery or gacha to get gear/items/characters that would normally take a large investment in sheer time or currency. Players reroll for various reasons. By rerolling new accounts you are able to restart until you begin with vastly stronger characters/items/gear than you would get the majority of the time you start the game and this allows you to play whatever game from the beginning on with an “advantage”.

Some games may frown upon or discourage active attempts at rerolling. However, rerolling is a common practice among “freemium” or F2P apps. As of this last update there has been no punishments or warnings handed out by EA on this matter. Until I hear otherwise this is considered completely safe to do.

Do I Need to or Should I Reroll?

That is entirely up to you. The odds of getting the rarer unique characters is rather low. You will also lose any progress on your current account unless you continue to play both. However, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a hero gathering/team building game. Starting with the right character or having better synergy in your parties can make a huge difference in completing challenges and missions. If you are the type of player who only likes to have the best characters or have a tendency to drop a chunk of cash on gacha/lotto chances to get certain heroes then rerolling can save you a pretty penny on your initial start. If you had a bunch of bad luck on your pulls it would also to be something to consider. The most important thing is that you are enjoying the game. Play in a way that ensures that it’s enjoyable. There are no guarantees that you’ll be able to get a good reroll quickly so settle in if you go for it.

Step by Step instructions for the Free Gems/Free Crystals and the rerolling guide for Star Wars Heroes of the Galaxy located at bottom.

No new account required. Bluestacks/Samsung Required.

What Characters do I want?

That is entirely up to you! If you are just looking for a powerhouse for PvP try to get one of the 80 shard cost characters. Generally any 4* is a great start and you can’t go wrong from there. If you really want Han Solo or Lando then by all means roll for them. This method should just be used as a shortcut for your enjoyment of the game.

Ok, Ok. Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Barriss Offee would all be great characters to start with on the ladder. They have strong techniques and will have good synergy with any future purchases as well as allowing you to complete a lot of story content.

I don’t want to Pvp. Can you tell me?

Uh, how about URoRRuR’R’R. Tuskens know best. Personal preference would be king here. I would probably err on the side of a healer since that will allow you take on a lot of the harder missions earlier. Characters with stuns and utility are also very useful. There is an endurance mode at level 40 that will use all of the characters you own so don’t worry if you get someone “useless” later on.

 Rerolling in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is pretty simple. All it requires is a couple Google Play accounts plus some time and patience. You are able to use an existing account on Galaxy on Heroes if you just want the Samsung Data Pack. There is no guarantee how long rerolling on this game will take unfortunately. The odds of getting a 4* character can be as low as 2%. I have listed the fastest and easiest reroll method that I know of currently without manipulating any game files. If someone knows what to delete or how to reset the guest account please post below!

I had to reroll 10 times to get my 4* which was 30 pulls from the Data Cards store. Players can also very rarely get 3*+ from the Bronzium Data Card so make sure to use every pull possible on each account before trying again.

Note: In order to get the Samsung Data Pack and free 400 gems for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes you will have to use the BlueStacks emulator or a Samsung product.

Samsung data pack

  1. Create and/or login to one of your Google Play Accounts using Bluestacks or a Samsung device. Skip to step 4 for existing accounts.
  2. Log in and skip tutorial to get to the Cantina. From here go to the Light Side Missions holotable.
  3. Do the first 3 missions available in the Light Side Missions and claim Daily Challenges Rewards after the 3rd mission to hit level 4. Claim your free gems from Daily Challenges and from your inbox.
  4. Claim the free Samsung Data Bundle from the Data Cards Holotable. (Cash Shop)
  5. Use the free gems you received to open Chromium Data Card packs. You will probably have enough for 2 – 3 packs.
  6. If you got lucky and pulled the desired character(s) – Play the game and enjoy! If your desired results are not achieved – Log out from settings in the top right hand corner.
  7. At the title screen click to log in. Log in with a new Google Play account, rinse and repeat.

When you are happy with your reroll you can also connect to your Facebook account for an extra free 200 crystals

Good luck out there! If you have questions or complications please contact us and I will do my best to see you battle ready.

-Confirmed! Existing players logging in for the first time with BlueStacks will get the Samsung Data Pack. Thanks Maestronel

  -If you are getting an error message that says “hardware not supported by this application” try downloading all of the Google Play Files. Google Services, Google Game Manager, Google Play store, etc. If you can sign into any game using Google Play on Bluestacks then Galaxy of Heroes should run also. If you can log into other games using google games and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will not run then your device/computer is not compatible.

May the Force be with you!


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