Squad Cantina Tips and Tricks



Squad Cantina unlocks at level 28 and comes with its very own stamina bar. The Cantina Xp bar is a very nice addition to your leveling efforts. Once players unlock this they will earn a lot of extra xp but the refill rate is 10:1. This is also the best place to farm character shards as you can go at them as long as you have stamina. Talia is a good choice to start with and can be found at 1-G. Most of the levels will drop character shards that you can use to unlock new characters as well as dropping 1K in gold each time. I always make sure to refill my stamina for 100 gems here at least once a day.

In order to complete the missions you will choose from the very best of your Star Wars squadron. Pick leaders that have good synergy with both factions and use support characters to counterattack the enemy team’s composition. These battles are tougher than the normal story missions and can be a bit challenging if you are not prepared. With a little preparation you should have no trouble progressing to a 7* character!

The rewards in this arena are, on the whole, much better than the standard missions. Players will also earn Cantina Credits which are a great way to level up your character’s abilities. Be careful though as players can only buy them once every refresh. Make sure you plan accordingly to maximize your gains. I normally spend my Cantina Credits on the ability materials after maxing out Old Daka as the other character shards aren’t too great here. If you are in need of  some new characters Ahsoka and Old Daka are the best here. Old Daka’s stuns can be monstrous in pvp. The rest are filler.

Happy Hunting!


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