How to Earn Credits in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes


As you’ve probably seen, gold is the scarcest resource in Galaxy of Heroes. I have seen a lot of players burn through that early level goodness and get stumped wondering how do I level my characters now? No worries! With a little planning and knowledge you’ll soon be rolling in credits and Twi’leks.

Squad Cantina Battles – Each battle here gives you 1k gold. Each stamina refill here will net you 15k

Challenges – Challenges such as the Bounty Hunter Challenge offer great amounts of gold. I normally get 100k + easily when they appear.

Selling Items – You can sell any extra items you pick up though they may not be worth much. Simply click the Sell Items icon beneath the Characters Icon. Sort by value and enjoy!

Be careful when selling your items. You will have to level up new characters later and will need the lower level gear sets.


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