Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes In – App Purchases

IAP Bundles

Here I’ll break down each of the in-app purchases I have seen or purchased myself and my own personal opinion of them and the cash shop. It’s your stereotypical cash shop with in-game currency and progression shortcuts. There are also bundle packs with unique time limited items. The bundles are tied to character levels. Once a player hits a certain level for each pack, a message will appear showing a limited time offer of 10 days to purchase in the Data Cards store. So far there are 4 packs. The cheaper pack appears first then the next couple over a few levels. This feels like a way to lead players into buying the cheaper packs before seeing all of the options.

On the whole I feel like most of the IAPs are too expensive and offer way too little value for your dollar. The gems and pack purchases are also very poor overall. Each pack can give a character OR a shard(s) that can be used to unlock them. This is important to take notice of as a player can purchase 30$ in Chromium packs and end up with anywhere from 3*s 4*s to only a couple 1-2 stars or even worse not even unlocking a character at all. If you open up a character you already have it will be converted into shards. Gamble Wisely. Also, check my guide on rerolling if you just want to start with your favorite character!

Monthly Gem Pack 4.99$ – This is your standard 4.99 for a month of in-game currency. You get 300 gems on the first day and 100 gems for the next 21. I feel like EA is being a bit cheap here only giving you 20 odd days.
Value over Regular Gems – A+ – Purchased

3* Dooku Starter Pack 4.99$ – Top Tier PvPer. This is a solid purchase. Dooku is a beast of a character with 100% counter attack and a stun that works great against Jedi. Great addition to a new team and the pack comes with some extras such as 500 gems.
Value over Gems – A+ – Purchased

4* Assasin Droid Bundle 24.99$ – Comes with 4* HK-47, IG-88 3* and 1*, shards, training droids, 100,000 credits. Not really a good purchase. Most of the top decks in Galaxy of Heroes seem to be running more jedi/sith based strategies and teams. The droid synergy can be a bit nice. Doesn’t mix well with Dooku starter. HK-47 Is a tank and can put out some heavy damage so check his info out in characters and make sure he’ll really work for you before you drop money on this.
Value over Gems – D – Pass

4* Jedi Starter Bundle 39.99$ – Comes with 4* Mace Windu, 2* Jedi Knight Guardian, Shards, training droids, 300,000 credits. Mace Windu is all you’re getting out of this but he’s a great character. This would be an awesome bundle if it wasn’t so damn expensive. It sucks that for this much there are just no gems included. Only consider this one if you need him to rank high on Star War’s leaderboards. I would much rather gamble my gems on packs and try to open a couple 3* or a 4* there.
Value over Gems – C – Pass

4* Heroine Starter Bundle 49.99$ – Comes with 4* Barriss Offee, 3* Asaji Ventress, 2* Ahsoka Tano, 1* Nightsister initiate, Shards, Training Droids, 350,000 credits. This is the first real pack and has some great characters in it. Barriss is a tanky massive healer while Asaji and Ahsoka bring some heals and pain of their own. If you are looking to be competitive then Bariss is the way to go. She has nearly the highest HP in the game. Unfortunately this is the greediest pack yet from EA and really tries to hammer some pay to win into the game. The lack of gems in a 50$ bundle really hurts. Don’t buy this unless absolutely needed for leaderboards.
Value over Gems – C+ – Pass

Fortunately the game is rather new and with the exorbitant prices EA wants for the bundles combined with the luck required to actually draw anything from purchased packs F2P or micro players can do rather well for themselves on a budget here. Most players seem to be wary of chasing money in the cash shop. The top players of the ladder generally may have a bundle for themselves if not just a single 3* or 4*. If you want the best value out of this game you need to reroll accounts until you get a good 4*+ starter and only stick with the best of the IAP if any.


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