Squad Arena Tips and Tricks

Squad Arena

The bread and butter of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes like most other team building/strategy games in this genre is the PvP. You progress up a ladder based ranking system earning different rewards for each tier you finish in. You can either control the battles manually or use auto-battle. The team that you fight with will be the team that defends against other players. The ladder you are in is based on when you started playing and other players in your region. There’s no exact way to figure out your ladder placement yet.

There are a couple gripes I have with the ladder system in Galaxy of Heroes that could easily be fixed. Latecomers are at a pretty bad disadvantage. First you only get 5 attempts at the ladder at a time which wouldn’t be so bad in and of itself, but even if you drop 100$-200$ on the cash shop and have a vastly higher power number than people several hundred ranks above you it will only let you battle so many ranks above you. IE, to go from rank 120 to rank 5 will take more than 5 attempts as you can only battle 15-25 ranks higher even if you are stronger than everyone up to rank 6. This means you’ll have to drop several hundred gems just to find your true ranking quickly. There is no way to issue a challenge to other players either.

Also, instead of dropping a rank when you lose to a challenger you will trade ranks instead. This means that you can go from rank 5 to 50 while players who haven’t played in days just sit at their rank untouched if no one attacks them. With a couple unlucky challenges you can be set rather far back. If you’re nearing the time limit for the day but want to hold your position “lock” yourself in place by battling someone at <10 minutes. When you’re in combat no one else can challenge you. By sitting an opponent at low health you can make sure that any challenges have to come early.

Aim for the squishy attackers first. When you outnumber your opponent it is a lot easier to win. Dooku is always a good target to kill first, especially if you have the burst damage. Usually having the only Dooku will let you gain the edge in combat. Beware of Old Ben and consider using a ability block on him to mess up the first round of shenanigans. That should give an edge over Old Ben teams but make sure you kill him later if you can. When he dies he buffs his entire team and is rather weak otherwise. Barriss’s heal equilibrium will ignore health debuffs. This can either be great or terrible for you depending on which side of the fence you find yourself on. Try to burst opponents out before her turn, and save her for last. She’s really weak and slow otherwise.
Each day you’ll gain rewards from your current ranking on the leaderboards. These can be used to buy shards for exclusive characters. My personal opinion is to aim high as most of the value rests with the 80 shard characters. Sidious is normally the first one purchased and maxed as he has fantastic PvP potential. If you arere in top spots in rankings it will be rather easy to purchase 10 shards a day making it only 8 days to unlock him.

The rewards are rather nice but due to the time/investment it takes to climb the leaderboard I wouldn’t recommend going at it hardcore except for the wisest of Jedi or the most malicious of Sith. It’s a very expensive pay to win process and the resulting 200-300 gems from being in first is piss poor. Spend your money on gems/crystals for XP if you’re looking to rank high the character packs won’t beat a good rerolled higher level account with starters.


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