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Guide to Farming Ker’rat

Ker’rat is an open PvP zone located in the southwest corner of the Beta Quadrant. This is a great place to farm at any level as it’s accessible right after finishing the tutorial and drops several different pieces of very rare gear with some nice xp and specialization points to back it up. There are different zones depending on your current level, 1-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60. The enemies may be a little tough so make sure that you have gear at least equal to your level and you’re bridge officer abilities set before entering.


The first phase of Ker’rat is rather simple fly up to the various nodes clearing or sneaking past the enemies around them and initiate a scan. By using your cloaking abilities wisely it’s rather simple to avoid most of the enemy groups. The quickest route to scan without cloaking would be the encryption nodes in the center of the map. Watch out for the Borg Spheres as they will drain the hell out of your shields. There are groups of 4 encryption nodes at the top and bottom in the center of the map. After the first group of players from either faction on the map finish scanning 8 nodes phase 2 will begin. Make sure you’re near the center of the map when phase 2 starts.


When phase 2 begins the cubes and the repair hulks located around the map will activate. Be careful as the large cubes pack quite a punch. Avoid or annihilate the cubes where you can to get to the repair hulks. Eliminating 4 of the repair hulks completes the map. The objective will still show as 3/4 completed until the map resets. Watch for the extra gear to drop on the top left or the faction pop up when it  First place is awarded a Very Rare piece of gear and second place receives a rare piece of gear. This is a great map to run at any level on your characters to gear them up. After a couple minutes of free farm the map will reset and you can run it again for extra very rare drops and experience. The lower levels of Ker’rat are even easier to farm and with the way upgrading gear works they can be incredibly profitable as well!

If there are other players in Ker’rat make sure that you defeat the most hulks. Scans don’t matter when it comes to 1st place. If you’re having trouble with the enemies try equipping plasma resists to deal with the Cubes’ and Spheres’ energy attacks and kinetic resists for their torpedoes. Also, grabbing immunities or protections will help with the cube’s tractor beam and the sphere’s shield drain.